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Fire Hose | Angus Duraline Hoses

Supplier: Kidde Australia

Fire Hoses fall into two distinct types based upon the manufacturing processes.

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Fire Hose | Angus Duraline Hoses

Angus Fire supplies a wide range of fire hose products for a variety of applications. Conventional fire hoses comprise a circular woven, textile jacket lined with synthetic rubber.

Covered fire hoses take a circular woven jacket and extrude rubber through the jacket to form both a lining and a cover. Extruded hose offers a more robust and lower maintenance solution to moving fire fighting water.

They are ideal for heavy duty applications which might leave a conventional hose quickly damaged or beyond repair. Angus Fire is the world's leading manufacturer of extruded fire hose with such renowned brands as Duraline, Firechief, Coverlite and Hi Vol. For textile hose ask about Super Cobra, Firefighter 750 and Python.

Angus Duraline Hoses

Fire hose is perhaps the most important item of equipment carried on a fire appliance. It is the fire fighter’s lifeline. If it fails lives could be in danger. Therefore its important to use the best. And doesn’t every fire fighter deserve the best?

Duraline is the world's leading maintenance-free (no drying required) extruded fire hose. No other hose can match Duraline for specification and performance, which is why over twenty million metres have been supplied to fire services worldwide.

The secret lies in the Dura line’s unique construction, which makes it highly resistant to kinking, even at low pressures. This plus the benefits of low-pressure loss and the ability to deliver more water over longer distances than its competitors makes Duraline the number one choice of professional fire fighters around the world.

Angus Duraline – A long life, world class, non-percolating, fire hose suited to most applications.

  • Outstanding Performance
    • Significantly exceeds the requirements of the most demanding international standards for resistance to kinking, abrasion, heat,chemicals, oil, weathering, ultra-violet light and ozone.
  •  Low Maintenance
    • Unique construction means Duraline can be wiped down after an incident and returned to storage without drying. Simple repair techniques are available to ensure damaged hose can be quickly and safely returned to service.
  • Value for Money
    • Exceptional robustness and storage properties ensure Duraline remains in operational service many years after imitation products have proven to be false economies.
  • A Lifetime of Experience
    • Produced continuously for over thirty years with an ongoing programme of product improvements, Duraline continues to be the first choice of discerning operational fire departments.
  • Exceptional Storage Life
    • Designed for the longest possible service life,lengths of Duraline with over fifteen years usage are still in operation in every imaginable environment around the world, from arid desert to arctic tundra.