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Fire Protection Systems | HI-FOG Water Mist

Supplier: Kidde Australia

Fire Protection Systems, HI-FOG Water Mist by Marioff control and suppress or extinguish fires by discharging a micro-fine water mist at the heart of the fire.

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Fire Protection Systems | HI-FOG Water Mist

HI-FOG Water Mist is composed of micro-droplets which are created when the system activates. The systems high pressure pumps supply clean, potable water at high pressure through specially designed micro-nozzles in the HI-FOG sprinklers and spray heads.

HI-FOG Water Mist is discharged at high velocity and quickly penetrates a fire whilst cooling the affected space, providing radiant heat blocking and local oxygen inerting.

Key Features of Fire Protection Systems | HI-FOG Water Mist

  • Superior Fire Suppression, Heat Blocking and Temperature Gradient Reduction
  • Smoke Absorption and Scrubbing Capability as Water Binds with Smoke Particles
  • Minimal Water Usage (Small Feed and/or Water Tank) owing to High Pressure
  • Discharged Water is Potable Drinking Water (should not be drunk unless verified as safe to do so)
  • Smaller Dimension Pipe Work as a result of High System Operating Pressure
  • Easy and Flexible Installation owing to Smaller Dimension Pipe Work
  • Stainless Steel Tubing and Components Extend Life of System
  • Low Whole of Life and Refill Costs owing to use of Water as Suppression Agent
  • Short Clean Up Time in the event of an Actual Discharge
  • Virtually NO Clean Up in the case of an Accidental Discharge