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High Security Fencing | Short Barbed TigerTape

Supplier: Gryffin

High Security Fencing of Gryffin's Short Barb TigerTape barbed tape is both a formidable physical barrier and an excellent psychological deterrent.

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High Security Fencing - Short Barbed TigerTape

Given the increasing costs of security and the damage caused by vandals to vulnerable sites, TigerTape is a cheap, cost effective perimeter defence system.

TigerTape has significant advantages over barbed wire and other similar products.

  • Its rigid self supporting coils present approximately 1,500 needle sharp (short barbed tape) barbs per metre and its high tensile steel core is extremely resistant to cutting.
  • Core reinforced barbed tapes have the advantage of being able to be fitted to walls, fences or eaves without the need for heavy duty straining posts, supports or catenary wires.
  • The method also allows for the barbed tape to follow any contour without having to follow straight lines or levels, necessary with strained wire sections. TigerTape flows freely around corners, up or down stepped fence sections, up vertical walls and under eaves. It's ability to follow contours without the need for straining, makes it ideal for fence and wall tops, ground installation and for preventing access to roofs.
  • Short sections needed for urgent security can be installed extremely fast and with little equipment, allowing repairs to be carried out without compromising perimeter security.
  • A completed installation has clean flowing lines with no breaks or protrusions through the line of barbed tape, making any damage or tampering obvious at a glance.

Single Coil Format

Single coil is barbed tape formed by a machine so as to form a continuous helical coil. The individual loops are strung out like a spring and tied at regular intervals to the fence or wall top with wire ties or clips. Ideal for use in fencing applications where barbed wire is not sufficient to deter intruders.

Flat Loop Format

Flat Loop is suitable for attaching directly to fence tops parallel to the fence line, where there can be no overhang to adjoining properties, or, where a neat flat appearance is desired.

Flat Loop is also ideal as a gate topping and can also be attached directly to the inside of fences to increase their cutting resistance. Larger diameter coils can be attached directly to the top of any type of existing fence to increase its height and security level.

Concertina Format

Concertina is formed by clipping adjacent loops of single coil TigerTape to one another at regular points around the circumference. When extended, this forms a cylindrical pattern and limits the extension of the coil giving it integral strength and eliminating the need for supporting cables.

Standard Diameters

  • Single.                              
    • 470mm               
    • 760mm                 
  • Flatloop. 
    • 470mm   
    • 550mm    
    • 760mm    
  • Concertina
    • 550mm    
    • 760mm
    • 980mm