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Laminar Mass Flow Meters

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Alicat Scientific TM M Series Laminar Mass Flow Meters use discrete differential pressure, absolute pressure, and temperature sensor measurements within a laminar flow region to determine mass flow.

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The mass flow meters contain an embedded microprocessor which provides a software-based STP calculation that automatically compensates for changes in process temperature and pressure.

Affordable, linear and accurate, each mass flow meter or volumetric flow meter can be equipped with multiple analog outputs such as mass flow and temperature or absolute pressure.

The response time of 10 milliseconds addresses the limitations of thermal mass flow technology, plus, Alicat mass flow meters do not suffer from "Hot Wire" drift as do their thermal counterparts.

Alicat Scientific TM V Series Laminar Volumetric Flow Meter products are ideal for applications venting to atmosphere or with little to no backpressure.

The V Series flow meters do not include absolute pressure or discrete temperature sensors and are designed to be an affordable alternative to mass flow meters. Alicat volumteric flow meters have the same advantage over thermal devices with extremely fast response time and no thermal drift.

Alicat Scientific mass flow meters are used in a variety of processes from leak detection to flow monitoring. Alicat mass flow meters have a small footprint and are very easy to use.

Alicat mass flow meters also have a totalizing option that can be added to give show the total amount of media that has been flowed throught the device.

If your process already has mass flow meters or mass flow controllers the Alicat mass flow meter can be coupled with an Alicat battery pack to make a true stand-alone hand-held portable testing device that is capable of testing the accuracy of almost any mass flow device.

Mass Flow Meter and Volumetric Flow Meter Applications
0-0.5 SCCM up to 0-50 SCCM Flow Meters
Flow meters in this range are typically used for leak testing, membrane filter testing, quality control checks on laboratory equipment (e.g. gas chromatographs) and quality control testing.

Laminar measurement with integrated pressure and temperature corrections provide many advantages in leak testing. Test cycles can be drastically shortened and their accuracy improved as the effects of pressure and temperature are factored into the readings, reducing time required to allow a test part to "settle" and reducing errors based on pressure decay in leak testing. 
0-100 SCCM up to 0-20 SLPM Flow Meters
These flow meters are used in a wide variety of applications. In the laboratory their versatility makes them an excellent tool for verifying operation of equipment and in small scale research projects.

These flow ranges are also used in imbedded applications for small and medium scale analytical products. Some analytical products that utilize these meters include air sampling devices for indoor air quality testing.

In mass meters the independent pressure display is also useful for automated maintenance warnings. For example, decreasing pressure as a potential leak, or increasing pressure as a potential restriction in the line. 
0-50 SLPM up to 0-1500 SLPM Flow Meters
Flow meters in this range are typically used in light industrial applications including monitoring of shaping air in liquid paint applications (guns and bells), monitoring of convey, fluidization and dosing airs in powder delivery systems, equipment for emissions regulations compliance (SKID benches) and quality testing of critical systems on the shop floor.

The fast response time and the portable options are extremely helpful in these applications. 

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