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Laser Gas Detection | Boreal Laser Gasfinder OP

Supplier: Aust. Dynamic Technologies Co

The GasFinder2 laser gas monitor is used for the continuous measurement of GHG emissions (CO2 and CH4), and is particularly suitable for monitoring landfill sites.

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The lightweight, portable unit provides information on the average concentration of gas in the measurement path. It uses a single line absorption spectroscopy in Near Infrared (NIR) which is specific to the gas of interest.

The open path laser gas monitoring technique works by the detector emitting an invisible laser beam that is sensitive only to the gas of interest. The reflector array returns the laser beam to the detector which then calculates the concentration of the gas in the measurement path.

The unit can measure up to 36 paths and normally, there is no cross interference with other gases and no H2O interference. This enables long paths (up to 1 km) to be monitored.

The system can be set up on various landfill conditions. It provides CO2 measurements of 50 ppm-m for open path scanning TDL measurements and CH4 levels of 5 ppm for vehicle-mounted and continuous TDL surveys.

Featuring fast response, self-calibration, no moving parts or consumables, the monitor can also be combined with Radial Plume Mapping (RPM) software to generate concentration maps and flux estimates.