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Output Transformers

Supplier: Southern Electronic Services

One of the most important factors determining the sound quality of your amplifier is the Output Transformer.

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Output Transformers

Do you need a custom made Output Transformer?

One Of The Most Important Factors Determining The Sound Quality Of Your Amplifier Is the Output Transformer.

With a guitar amplifiers, the roll-off characteristic that gives "colour" to the notes played is determined by the Output Transformer. The grade of steel used as the core material can have a dramatic effect on the sound produced.

Often you will find that high permeability steels such as grain-oriented steel laminations (commonly known as GO) can give a sharper, more brittle sound for a guitar amp.

Lower grade steel in the Output Transformer can often produce a warmer sound, and a more gentle roll-off, which tends to be the type of sound preferred in guitar amplifiers.

High-Fidelity (Hi-Fi) amplifiers are generally aiming to faithfully reproduce vocals or musical instruments. For these amplifiers, higher grade steels such as GO are best in the Output Transformers, as the losses are lower and the output waveform is more linear and less distorted.

Output Transformers can be wound with varying numbers of winding segments, depending on the application. For public address (PA) systems as few as two or three winding segments may be all that is required, as the desired frequency response is from about 100Hz up to 10KHz.

The output transformers used in "top end" Hi-Fi amplifiers may have seven or more segments, as the frequency response may be from 10Hz up to 60KHz - even though this may far exceed the audible range most people can actually hear.

SES has designed & manufactured Output Transformers for many manufacturers of Guitar & Hi-Fi amplifiers throughout Australia. Many of these manufacturers have had excellent reviews of their amplifiers overseas as well as in Australia.

Repairing an amplifier but don't know the specs of a burnt out output transformer?

  • We can usually work out what you need from the type of valves in the amp.
  • We have made replacement output transformers for many popular amplifiers & organs, including
  • Marshall, Fender, Musicman, Vox, Golden Tone, Hammond, Leslie & Wurlitzer

You can specify the features you want with SES custom Output Transformers:

  • Fast turn around of custom output transformers - often within days
  • Robust construction
  • Choice of mounting brackets
  • Your choice of input & output impedances
  • Tough attractive varnish coating - either clear or black.
  • Choice of black powder coated end covers ("bell ends") or one top cover with leads out the other side of transformer for "through chassis" mounting
  • Low load regulation
  • Output transformers for "push-pull" and single-ended (SE) amplifiers
  • Your choice of frequency response range
  • Ultra-Linear (UL) primary taps

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