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Pipe Penetration Seals Solutions

Supplier: Projex Group

Century-Line Sleeves, Cell-Cast Discs, Steel Sleeves & External Sleeves can be used in combination with Link-Seal Mechanical Seal (also offered by Projex) to guarantee a perfect pipe penetration seal.

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For more than 15 years Projex Group have been supplying Link-Seals, Century-Line Sleeves, Cell-Cast Discs and other products into small & major infrastructure projects. These include Gas Plants, Oil Refineries, Hospitals, Water & Waste Treatment Plants where the sealing of these penetrations is extremely critical & of the highest importance.

Century-Line Sleeves features 

  • Century-Line Sleeves are the quickest, easiest & most efficient way of creating the perfect circular holes in poured concrete barriers
  • They are installed onto the formwork prior to the concrete pour
  • Manufactured from HDPE, they are lightweight and also adjustable to suit the wall thickness
  • Suitable for creating holes ranging from 50mm-635mm


  • Create perfect round sleeved hole in concrete poured barriers
  • Positive hydrostatic seal
  • Easily installed - only one worker and no special tools
  • Adjustable to wall thickness, can be cut on-site
  • Nailer-end caps to position sleeve precisely
  • Resistant to water migration, acids, alkalis and other organic solvents
  • Never rust, corrode or degrade
  • Suitable for temperature between -40C to 66C

Cell-Cast® Interlocking Hole Forming Discs features 

  • Cell-Cast Discs are used to create a larger round hole in poured concrete surfaces ranging from 743mm to 1645mm
  • They are installed onto the formwork prior to the concrete pour
  • They are manufactured from thermoplastic, are durable & lightweight


  • Consistently produces dimensionally accurate openings
  • Easy to install
  • Complete assembly accomplished in minutes
  • Reduces material costs by 30 % to 50 %
  • Cuts labor costs by 50 % to 70 %
  • Minimises freight and handling charges
  • Lightweight
  • Sized to work with Link-Seal Mechanical Seal

Steel Sleeves features 

  • Steel Sleeves are used for non-standard installations where exposed to hydrocarbons, extremely high temperatures, aggressive chemicals or a fire rating is required
  • The casting in of a Steel Sleeve to create the penetration is part of the solution, next is to install the correct Link-Seals for the nominated chemical or desired rating.


  • Create a smooth and perfect circular penetration
  • Protects the substrate core hole
  • Resistant to hydrocarbons, high temperatures and aggressive chemicals
  • Can be used when a fire rating is required
  • Can be used with Link-Seal Mechanical Seal
  • Very easy to install
  • Available in a wide range of sizes
  • Prevents liquid migration

External Sleeves features 

  • The External Sleeves solve core hole penetration seals
  • They are bolted to either side of a wall where a cable or pipe protrudes & is designed to overcome installation issues such as the following; non-centered pipes or cables, oversize penetrations, incorrect core hole installations and many more
  • The External Sleeves are available in 2 versions for new and retrofit applications.


  • Can be fitted around pipes or cables that are already installed and in use
  • Suitable for pipes from 50mm to 1600mm OD
  • Stainless steel base and collar for longevity
  • Easy and Quick to install (no special tolls required)
  • Can be re-fitted and re-used
  • EPDM or SBR rubber gasket seals to substrate
  • Two or more penetrations can be fitted on a single base plate
  • Can be used with Link-Seal Mechanical Seal

Pipe Penetration Seal Solutions