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Translogix Sapphire Transport Management Software

Supplier: Translogix Systems

Within the world of logistics, Australia is often seen to present the ultimate challenge. Maximising customer service while minimising logistics costs is a pivotal objective. The dilemma in Australia is that it is much more challenging. Perhaps not surprising then, to find a significant number of Australian transport, storage, distribution and warehousing specialists, who are today regarded as international ‘world best practice’ leaders within their respective spheres of operation. TransLogix Sapphire is certainly one such leader in transport management software.

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  • Business Integration  
    • The Sapphire Transport Management Software is totally integrated across all modules providing a complete and comprehensive coverage of all aspects of the transport and logistics business.
    • Data entry in one part of the system automatically updates all other relevant modules so you always have a current view of your business operation. 
    • The software also integrates with mobile and Internet applications providing further leading edge tools to improve productivity and customer service.  

  • Flexible   
    • Because it is Windows based it is easy to use and learn. It is also highly configurable and very flexible and can be tailored precisely to your needs. 
    • We can create workspaces for different areas and different functions if required. Sapphire Transport Management Software has all the easy to use Windows functionality with seamless integration into Microsoft Office tools including Excel, Word and Outlook. 
  • Web Enabled   
    • Being web enabled provides real time information to all parts of your business. 
    • This real time functionality can be offered to key stakeholders including customers, employees and suppliers transforming productivity and customer service.  
  • Secure 
    • Comprehensive security has been built into the system based on user profiles, providing the flexibility to constrain or open the system and giving you total control over sensitive information. 
  • Reporting 
    • Comprehensive reporting is an outstanding feature of this system. 
    • Sapphire Transport Management Software offers extensive SQL report writing capabilities as well as an option for you to open the system to many other applications.
    • You can easily access the right tools and data providing timely and accurate information to assist with the management of the business and meet growing customer information needs. 
  • Data Input  
    • Sapphire Transport Management Software uses a similar simple user interface, which facilitates the acquisition and integration of data. 
    • This is particularly useful during the implementation phase as it enables you to take data from your previous system directly into the transport software without the need for re-keying, saving valuable time and expense. 
    • It also performs a key role to allow you to simply interface to customer systems to facilitate e-commerce needs. 
  • Built to Grow with You
    • The software is built on a single source model, which ensures the reliability and guaranteed availability of future developments and upgrades. 
    • Such developments are readily and quickly available to all clients over the web. 
    • Thanks to the thriving Microsoft development environment and our large R & D investment, we have no shortage of additional tools and applications to help further streamline your business, saving time and improving profitability.
    • TransLogix Sapphire Transport Management Software has proven its scalability in the real world, where the simplest as well as the most sophisticated customer needs have been consistently met.