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XRF Spectrometer | Axios mAX-Metals

Supplier: PANalytical

PANalytical's Axios mAX-Metals wavelength dispersive XRF spectrometer provides a powerful analytical solution.

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It is specifically for the steel and metals sectors. Axios mAX-Metals delivers sensitive, reproducible and stable results for a wide range of applications; from high-precision metals analysis to accurate trace element determination.

Automated XRF for metals

Elemental analysis using XRF is well established in the metals industry for applications including:

  •  Specialist alloy production, including nickel and cobalt for hi-tech applications
  •  Copper-, aluminium- and titanium-based alloy production
  •  Iron and steel manufacture, including slag analysis and incoming goods control
  •  Precious metal production
  •  Soldering alloy production
  •  Monitoring scrap metal and unknown material, including environmental samples
  •  Slag analysis for production control

PANalytical leadership

Axios mAX-Metals provides consistent high-quality data across the full elemental range, from fluorine to uranium and from ppm to 100 wt%. Easily integrated into automated laboratory systems, Axios mAX-Metals is ideal for medium to high throughput applications in R&D and production control.

Specialised software for metals

Axios mAX-Metals uses a dedicated version of PANalytical's SuperQ software, with its highly intuitive interface. Each system comes with NiFeCo-FP and/or Cu-base-FP application solutions, consisting of templates and high-quality reference materials.

Special NiFeCo samples are used to set up wide range calibrations in Fe-, Ni- and Co-based materials, to analyze up to 19 elements encountered in super alloy production.

The Cu-base package covers many alloy compositions, such as brasses (including alloyed types), bronzes (including Al-, P- and Pb-types) and cupro-nickel.

Enhanced performance

The performance of Axios mAX–Metals can be further extended with features such as:

  •  Power and continuous loading options for faster analysis
  •  CHI-BLUE ccating for further enhanced robustness
  •  Hi-Per Scint for unprecedented dynamic range and improved detection limits for a range of elements.
  •  Duplex detector for more precise transition metals analysis
  •  Curved upgrade and element-specific crystals enhance analytical performance for elements between Be and Cl
  •  Hi-Per channels provide higher sensitivities and quicker analysis for light elements
  •  Omnian for standardless analysis of unknowns
  •  Pro-Trace, standards and software enable sub-ppm quantification of trace elements