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Zone STS-12000 - Long Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar

Supplier: Zone Advanced Protection Systems

The STS-12000 system is to provide automated wide area surveillance, tracking and classification of intruding personnel, vehicles and low flying aircraft, and to communicate that information to a command post for response determination. STS-12000 is designed for force protection, border surveillance, airport security, perimeter surveillance and other security applications. It is available in fixed or mobile configurations.

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STS-12000  - Long Range Perimeter Surveillance Radar
The STS-12000 system is engineered to be an integrated radar and optical verification system. The radar system is a low power RF surveillance system, while the optical system can be selected based upon user application.

Configured for either day or night modes of operation and can use video, infrared and/or thermal imaging technologies. The communications subsystem is also site dependent, and can be hardwired, fiber optic and/or have microwave interfaces as required. Similarly, the power source can be AC, DC (battery) or solar powered, if necessary.

The command post consists of PC compatible software that presents an overlay of the radar data upon a topological map, line drawing, street map, etc.

The operator has control over both the radar and the optics, or the system can function automatically. At the ranges STS-12000 provides, it is even possible to hold the system in an inactive, monitoring only mode, that does not transmit any data or activate the cameras until the radar has detected motion, thus extending system lifetime and reducing cost.


STS-12000 Features

  • Low Cost Highly Sensitive Radar
  • Day/Night optical system cued by radar for classification
  • Communications network for target reporting and system control
  • Continuous, autonomous 360? coverage in azimuth
  • +/-15deg. elevation control for terrain following
  • Walking people detected at over 5 kilometers
    Vehicles and airplanes detected at over 10 kilometers
  • Range resolution <0.5 meters
  • Operator designated non-detection zones
  • STS-12000 Applications
  • Border Surveillance
  • Site Security
  • Wide-Area Perimeter Protection