An IDeA 4 More: An Alarm Controller

The Innovec IDA4 is a quad set point alarm controller, supplied in a din rail mount housing with 2 sets of screw terminals for simple configuration.

The IDA4 was designed to be applied to level control operations, however it is suitable for a range of different applications. The instruments 4 relays can act as a low alarm, high alarm, pump and an extra high or low alarm. This is especially useful when implemented as a level control solution due to the IDA4’s flexibility and simple installation procedure.

With selectable engineering units, a user is able to customise the instrument to their specific application and liking. The instrument also had a 24V 30mA 2 wire transmitter power supply, meaning sensors can be powered directly from the controller. This negates the requirement of an additional external power supply for each or any of the sensors.

Alternatively the IDA4 could be used as a band alarm, meaning if a signal goes beyond a range the alarm will activate. For instance, if you are monitoring current levels and the signal goes either above or below accepted levels the relay will disengage and reset. This allows the user to adequately complete their task safely and efficiently.

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