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LaneWorkSafe Split-Specimen Urine Drug Screen Cup

Supplier: LaneWorkSafe

In-built Celsius temperature strip (ensures "fresh" specimen), 6 in-built adulterant strips (Oxidants, pH, Specific Gravity, Creatinine, Glutaraldehyde and Nitrite). Result in around 2.5 to 3 minutes. Individually pouched. Provided in a sealed sterile foil pouch, removing the potential for legal issues on the basis of prior contamination. Unlike other cups sold in Australia where the Cup/collection vessel is provided in unsealed mode. This makes the LaneWorkSafe Split Cup the professional choice for all applications. Shelf-life 18 months.

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LaneWorkSafe Split-Specimen Urine Drug Screen Cup

LaneWorkSafe are the sole Australian distributor of this product.

Screening for six substances:

  • THC (grass, marijuana)
  • Methamphetamines (ice, ecstasy)
  • Amphetamines (speed)
  • Morphine (derivatives of opium poppy including heroin, morphine, codeine)
  • Cocaine
  • Benzodiazepines (Serepax, Mogadon - prescription type substances)

Made to meet Australian Standard 4308 cut-off levels.

Additional Features:

  • Increased OH&S protection to collector
  • One step - no urine handling
  • Screw-top - non-leak cup
  • Large opening for ease of female donors
  • Approximately 4ml needed for screen
  • Ability to scan/photocopy results
  • Split sample ready for lab confirmation
  • Donor information easily recorded on cup
  • Key operated - collector commences screening when he/she desires
  • Transparent cup body enabling clear view of specimen
  • LaneWorkSafe recommend all non-negative (positive) results be referred to an accredited toxicology laboratory for confirmation