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Milliamp Loop Calibrator | PIECAL Model 334


PIECAL's practical and easy-to-use calibration equipment for the process industry, is available from Pyrosales, your total sensor solution specialist.

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The latest release product PIECAL Model 334 enables you to check, calibrate and measure all your current signal instruments in a 4 to 20 milliamp DC loop.  It can be used at any access point in your loop. Source and read 0.000 to 24.00mA, simulate a 2 Wire Transmitter, or use the PIECAL Model 334 to simultaneously power your 2 Wire Transmitter and measure its output. The PIECAL Model 334 is calibrated on equipment traceable to The National Institute of Standards and Technology USA (NIST) and includes a certificate of calibration.

Pyrosales recommends its use in all commercial applications.  The PIECAL Model 334 includes rubber boot and attached test leads and has low profile switches which resist accidental damage.


  • Automatic Stepping and Ramping
  • Current Leakage Detector
  • Backlit Five Digit Display
  • Built-in 250 Ohm Hart Resistor
  • Rubber Boot & Rugged Switches
  • Calibrated on equipment traceable to NIST and includes a Certificate of Calibration
  • Test Data is available for an additional charge
  • Engineered by previous Altek employees who produced the original Altek Model 334 and Altek Model 334A

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