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Nexen Precision Roller Pinion System

Supplier: Norman G. Clark

Nexen offers an advanced new technology that revolutionises linear motion.

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The Roller Pinion System (RPS) provides zero backlash, very high positional accuracy, unlimited length, very high speeds, 99% efficiency, high rigidity, low noise, low maintenance, corrosion resistance, and long life. This opens up new design possibilities and provides the capability to achieve much higher levels of performance in machine designs.

Precision Operation Maintains Accurate Positioning

The RPS line features an innovative rack and roller pinion technology that provides extremely accurate positioning. This design eliminates the cumulative error and thermal expansion error problems experienced with ball screw systems. The Roller Pinion System also offers backlash-free performance in both directions by maintaining opposing contact with two or more teeth at all times. This design eliminates the costly and complex split and dual pinion systems required by most traditional rack and pinion systems to achieve zero backlash.

Patented Tooth Design Ensures Quiet Operation

The RPS line is designed with bearing supported rollers that move smoothly along the face of each tooth. This reduces noise levels often associated with other linear motion systems like tooth slap or ball return noise.

Segmented Rack Provides Easy Integration and Unlimited Travel

Nexen offers the rack in segmented lengths, making it easy to accommodate your application requirements. Supplied in meter and half meter increments, length can also be custom cut as required. The basic system is comprised of just two parts, a rack and roller, making it easy to adapt to any application.

Rugged Design Capable of High Speeds

The Roller Pinion System maintains accurate positioning at speeds as high as 11 m/sec (36.1 ft/sec). Even at these speeds, the extremely-low friction design does not create heat or wear on components.

THE NEXEN ADVANTAGESurpasses the Limitations of Other Linear Motion Products

The RPS’s unique design eliminates many of the limitations of current linear drive systems like:

  • Ball Screws: Limited by critical speed, maximum speed, cumulative error, vibration, thermal expansion, supplemental cooling, noise, low efficiency, maintenance, and life.
  • Traditional Rack and Pinion: Limited by low accuracy and speed, backlash, tooth fatigue, noise, high cost of dual and split pinion systems, high maintenance, and short life.
  • Belt Drives: Limited by low accuracy, backlash, low load capacity, short lengths, belt stretch, and low rigidity.
  • Linear Motors: Limited by low load capacity, high cost, strong magnetic fields, and liquid cooling.

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