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Photoluminescent Safety Products | Luminous Signs

Supplier: Way Out Evacuation Systems

Luminous signs manufactured by Way Out Evacuation Systems utilise a principle where crystals absorb Ultra-Violet light energy from any UV light emitting external sources.

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After a short exposure period, for example in sunshine, the Luminous Sign's crystals will saturate within a period of 10 to 20 seconds. Artificial light sources can take up to 30 minutes to fully charge the sign,depending on the UV content When the external light source is removed, the energy contained within the crystals is slowly released illuminating the sign or material in which it is based. The material will continue to glow for hours until the absorbed energy is released. This can take days depending upon the physical location of the material. If the product is located in the sun the crystals will fully charge every day.

Even in applications where there are no external windows and low light level ambient conditions, which is the case in the emergency evacuation system continues to be fully functional.The crystals are very light sensitive and absorb sufficient energy to glow in narrow corridors and provide the safe emergency evacuation path in pitch darkness conditions. The crystals or LumiNova™ pigment is based on metal oxide chemistry and is the best luminescent material that can be obtained worldwide.

Since the crystals are charged from external light sources, when the lights go out or fail, as in an emergency situation, the material glows to show the way out or to illuminate the exit path or to illuminate the appropriate emergency switches or procedure.

Since the system is operated from external means, there are no costly electrical installations required for charging or day to day operating purposes.

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