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Torque Multiplier | HANDTORQUE™ HT-119

Supplier: Norbar Torque Tools (Aust)

Norbar are proud to launch our new Handtorque™ HT-119 multiplier.

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Based on the proven gearbox of the PTM-119, we have set out to produce the best hand operated torque multiplier available.

To achieve this, we have incorporated materials, production techniques and features new to Norbar.

The main features of the HT-119 are:

Stainless steel body

We have chosen stainless steel for more than aesthetic reasons – we know our Handtorque™ multipliers have tough lives and these of a corrosion-resistant material means there is no plating that can be damaged or lifted off.

Removing the need for plating has production and environmental benefits – fewer production miles and no plating chemicals to deal with. The stainless steel we have chosen is also extremely tough which will contribute to these products being the most reliable on the market.

Calibration certificate

Increasingly customers are demanding traceability in their production and maintenance. Therefore every HT-119 will be supplied with a traceable calibration certificate stating its exact ratio.

The nominal ratio for the HT-119 will be 25:1 and the certificate will demonstrate that this performance guarantee is delivered within a tolerance band of +/- 4% by stating the exact ratio for every product delivered.

Lower weight, high torque output

The HT-119 with reaction plate fitted is 3.2 kg lighter than the closest model from Norbar's existing range, the HT60, but has a 1000 N·m higher torque output at 7000 N·m.

We have taken the launch of this new Handtorque™ as an opportunity to display our new branding consisting of a new label and the Anti Wind-up cap finished in Norbar Red.

Information such as serial number and nominal ratio is permanently laser marked onto the body.

There is also a new style Operator's Manual and this will be adopted across the Norbar product range during 2013.

The HT-119 is supplied in a carry case.

HT-119/25, Part Number 18091

Range ratio


Input Sq

Output Sq


Weight multiplier

Weight reaction




1 ½"




The HT-119 is the highest output member of a family of Norbar Handtorque™ multipliers covering a range from the 1000 N.m HT-52 up the 7000 N.m HT-119.

For ease of identification of this new family, we have named this group of products the "Compact Series".

Our Handtorque™ range now looks like this:

  • HT3 Series: HT3 1300 N·m and 2700 N·m
  • Standard Series: HT1 to HT13
  • Small Diameter Series: HT30, HT45, HT60 (HT45 will be removed from the range in 2013)
  • HT4 Series: HT4 3000 N·m and 4500 N·m
  • Compact Series: HT-52, HT-72, HT-92 and HT-119

Availability: the HT-119 is available for sale from November 2012.