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DS Oxygen Probe - Laboratory Grade Oxygen Probe

Supplier: Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (Australia)

The type DS oxygen probe is suitable for measurement of oxygen concentration over the range from pure oxygen down to 10-24 atmospheres at temperatures from 700°C to 1650°C

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The type DS probe consists of a SIRO2 oxygen sensor with an internal thermocouple, with a small industrial thermocouple head with all electrical and reference air connections. All wiring and electrodes are platinum, for the best possible corrosion resistance and refractoriness.

A ceramic sheath over the sensor is an option. A sheath is useful to protect the platinum wire if the probe is frequently removed and re-installed. The standard sheath material is limited to 1300°C (2400°F). High temperature sheaths are available on special order – please enquire.

Read the probe measurements with the type AIC hand-held digital meter, for a quick and simple indication.

Probes include a 4-pin Cannon type cord plug, ready for connection to any suitable 4-conductor cable.

We recommend a shielded umbilical cable for greater accuracy over long cable runs. We supply a braided four wire cable with a Cannon plug at each end. We use R-type thermocouple compensation wire in the cable. A reference air hose is also fitted in the cable.

The DS oxygen probe is scientific laboratory use, a gas-tight seal is often required at the insertion point. The DS probe has a vaccuum sealed, stainless steel extension tube over the first 50 mm of the sensor. This extension tube can easily be fitted into an O-ring seal.


This probe is accurate enough for research laboratory use, but low in cost.

  • Student laboratory experiments – demonstration of the Nernst equation
  • Combustion and pyrolysis research
  • Measurement of fuel/air ratios in combustion
  • Oxygen fugacity measurements in geological specimens
  • Fuel combustion efficiency contro
  • Furnace gas analysis
  • Waste management systems
  • Temperature and oxygen control of kilns
  • Carburising (heat treating) furnace control
  • Potters’ kilns
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Large and small electric kilns
  • Flue gas analysis
  • O2 levels at high temperatures
  • CO2 harsh environments
  • Technical ceramic kiln systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Metal heat treatment processes
  • Molten systems (single use only)
  • Copper reverberator


  • Thermocouple: R-type
  • Oxygen output signal: DC millivolt, according to Nernst equation
  • Oxygen measurement range:1 atm to 10-24 atm.pO2
  • Operating temperature:700°C to 1650°C
  • Accuracy: within 2mV of theoretical output
  • Gas-tight seal for scientific laboratory use


  • Specific for O2
  • High O2 sensitivity and selectivity
  • High dynamic range of detection
  • High temperature of operation
  • Rapid responses
  • In situ measurement
  • Solid state electronic component – rugged sensor
  • No power consumed for operation under all conditions
  • No bias required to operate
  • Available up to 1400 mm

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