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ST Oxygen Probe - For Control Of Carburising Furnaces

Supplier: Ceramic Oxide Fabricators (Australia)

The probe of choice for control of carburising furnaces.

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The ST probe incorporates a SIRO2 C700 all ceramic oxygen sensor, shielded by a 253 MA stainless steel sheath for use in carburising furnaces. The probe design is specifically intended for small apertures into furnaces. It is used for measurement and control of oxygen sensitive environments at high temperatures. The sensor operates in situ, and measures oxygen concentration in real time, without the need for expensive gas sampling, or gas extraction equipment. The probe comes complete with a K-type thermocouple.

Probes are normally available in lengths up to 1200 mm, or 2000 mm on special order.

The standard configuration includes a K-type thermocouple of 1.0 mm wire gauge, saving the need for a separate thermocouple.


  • Specific for O2
  • High O2 sensitivity and selectivity
  • High dynamic range of detection
  • High temperature of operation
  • Rapid responses
  • In situ measurement
  • Solid state electronic component – rugged sensor
  • No power consumed for operation under all conditions
  • No bias required to operate
  • Available up to 1400 mm
  • Air purge


  • Fuel combustion efficiency control
  • Furnace gas analysis
  • Waste management systems
  • Carburising (heat treating) furnace control
  • Annealing furnaces
  • Flue gas analysis
  • O2 levels at high temperatures
  • CO2 harsh environments


The signal from the probe is the same as for all standard zirconia oxygen probes. The ST probe is compatible with all common carbon potential controllers. At most, a simple change of connection plug or socket might be required.

ST Probe, showing electrical connector and reference air connector. The standard sheath size is 3/4" schedule 40, but 1/2" schedule 40 is also available.


The probe can be installed anywhere in the kiln or furnace, provided that the temperature is less than 1000 deg C. The probe will measure the oxygen concentration at the probe tip. The port for installation should be sealed sufficiently to prevent atmospheric air from causing a local variation in the oxygen concentration.

When fitting or removing a probe with a hot furnace, move the probe slowly to avoid thermal shock of the ceramic components. Slide the probe in at a rate of approximately 50 mm per minute. The rate is most easily regulated with probes incorporating a thermocouple. The thermocouple read-out can be used to ensure that the heating rate is less than 100 deg C per minute.

The probes must be provided with a reference air supply of 1 to 10 ml per minute.

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