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Universal Data Logger | imc C-Series

Supplier: Applied Measurement Australia

The imc C-Series data logger is the all-purpose, network-capable, real-time measurement devices with built-in measurement amplifiers and easy-to-use, ready-to-go user interface software are now available in a compact package.

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Universal measurement device for development, testing and service

The C-Series consists of smart network-capable, unventilated compact measurement devices for all-purpose measurement of physical quantities.

These devices can operate either in computer-aided or autonomous mode and are lightweight, compact, and robust, and thus especially well adapted to applications in R&D or in the testing of mechanical and und electromechanical components of machines, on board vehicles, or in monitoring tasks in installations.

The C-Series comes with either differential or isolated universal measurement amplifiers with analog anti-aliasing filters. The universal amplifiers offer a high degree of flexibility; they are high-precision and low in noise.

They are designed for direct connection of:

  • voltage- and current signals
  • any thermocouples and resistance thermometers
  • strain gauge measurement bridges with current supply and adjustment control
  • current-fed sensors (ICP®)

They also come with a sensor power supply and TEDS capability.  Depending on the model, the input channels can be sampled at up to 100kHz, and this at a bandwidth of up to 22.4 kHz. More than just a universal measurement amplifier

In addition to the analog inputs, all of the C-Series models also come with:

  • 8 digital inputs
  • 8 digital outputs
  • 4 analog outputs
  • 4 incremental inputs for capture of RPMs, displacements etc.
  • CAN- Bus Interface with 2 nodes
  • Real-time capabilities

For real-time functionality such as mathematical calculations, limit monitoring or closed- and open-loop tasks in the μs range, the C-Series comes standard equipped with the enhancement Online FAMOS.

Online FAMOS comes with powerful digital signal processors (DSPs) which carry out the functions quickly and independently of the PC. Online FAMOS enables "free" definition of one’s own real-time functions and makes the C-Series a Personal Analyser.

For all-purpose application

When measurement applications change from day to day, it's very convenient to use universal measurement amplifiers.

For tasks involving the measurement of voltage and current, with sampling rates of up to 20kHz per channel, the all-purpose measurement devices CS-1016 and CL-1032 are great choices.

The input channels are differential and equipped with individual signal conditioning including filters. Designed for connection to any sensor and signal types, the universal measurement devices CS-7008 and CL-7016 are especially well suited for all-purpose application.

Measurement of voltage, current, and resistance can be carried out at 100 kHz per channel. PT100s, any thermocouples and strain gauges can be directly connected in all bridge configurations.

Tough enough for laboratory or field applications

For measurements in complicated voltage field conditions, the C-Series models CS-4108 and CL-4124 offer isolated input channels. Electrically isolated channels avoid signal disturbance even in the presence of ground loops.

Noise and vibration analysis

The C-Series is also optimally equipped for noise and vibration analysis. The CS-8008 model in particular is a device offering a large analog bandwidth and high sampling rate, as well as the possibility of directly connecting current-fed accelerometers and microphones. Along with simple time-domain signals, the CS-8008 can also display 1/3-octave spectra.

Using the software platform imcWAVE, the measurement device is transformed into a true workstation for specialised tasks involving noise and vibration analysis. imcWAVE’s individual optional software modules make order-tracking, spectral and sound power analyses possible at the click of a button.

Universal power measurement

For the full range of power measurements, the model CL-2108 provides the right tools. It can carry out single-, two-and three-phase power measurements. CL-2108 offers a convincing combination of affordable price and high precision. An optional software package for network voltage analysis is also available.

Measurement with strain gauges – structure analysis

With five model varieties specially designed for strain gauge measurement, every user can find just the right device.

For affordable, quasi-static strain gauges, the models CS-5008, CL-5016 and CX-5032 are provided.

For dynamic strain gauge measurements of highest quality, the models CS-6004 and CL-6012 with extra carrier frequency operation are the best choice.

The C-Series in test rigs

For test rig applications in particular, it is often desirable to integrate equipment into new or existing environments. In conjunction with imc COM and the LabView interface, C-Series is able to meet this wish.

Different housings for different applications

To meet the wide spectrum of the C-Series’ application potential, there are three different housing varieties: the very compact CS frame for up to 16 input channels; the CL variant for up to 32 input channels; and the larger CX frame, which has room for 32 bridge measurement channels.

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