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On-Belt Elemental Analyser | GEOSCAN-C

Supplier: Scantech International

The GEOSCAN-C Model UCG has been developed in response to market demand for an online analyser applicable to a wide range of bulk materials that offers excellent precision and accuracy for a reasonable price.

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Scantech drew on its vast experience in online analysis to produce an instrument that employs state-of-the-art through belt neutron interrogation techniques.

The GEOSCAN-C Model UCG uses the technique of Prompt Gamma Neutron Activation Analysis (PGNAA) to perform a minute-by-minute elemental analysis of bulk material passing through it on a standard conveyor belt.

GEOSCAN-C Model UCG has been engineered as a compact, fully-integrated, single enclosure, which accepts conveyor belt sizes from 600mm to 2020mm. Material flow rates are unlimited. Lump size has no influence on results.

GEOSCAN-C Model UCG is comprised of a heavily shielded section that contains the nuclear source, gamma-ray detection assembly and electronics cabinet. The empty return belt travels underneath the analyser.

GEOSCAN - C On-Belt Elemental Analyser Advantages:

  • Small Footprint
  • Very Light
  • No Contact with the Belt
  • High Performance Detectors
  • Multi-Detector Configuration
  • Advanced Digital Electronics
  • Easy Calibration

Standards Elements Analysed

Calcium, Silicon, Aluminium, Iron, Potassium,Titanium, Manganese, Sulphur, Chlorine, Magnesium, Sodium, Phosphorus


  • Cement Plant 
  • Coal and Minerals 

For your peace of mind we can offer you Free Testwork on your Samples to asses the suitability of the technology to each application. This removes any concern over buying a system where performance for your application would otherwise be uncertain.

We provide money back performance guarantees on our analysers.

To find out more about this On-Belt Elemental Analyser please call or use the IndustrySearch email form for a direct reply.

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