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Online Coal Ash and Moisture Analysers | COALSCAN 1500

Supplier: Scantech International

The COALSCAN Model 1500 coal ash and moisture analyser measures the level of natural gamma radiation relating to potassium, thorium and uranium contained in the coal ash.

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Unlike other ash monitors in the COALSCAN range, Model 1500 contains no radioactive source. The COALSCAN Model 1500 incorporates a large scintillation detector, which is mounted between conveyor idlers directly under the centre line of the belt. This detector is shielded from external radiation by a lead lining within the detector assembly, as well as an overbelt lead shield.

Note - ash precision depends on variability of ash composition; actual precision will be calculated for each application. Contact Scantech for more information.

COALSCAN Model 2800 Applications

Real time coal quality data provides active process control, with timely information on ash content to make decisions that maximise the value of the resource and minimise operating costs. Typical applications include:

  • Mine grade control for rapid assessment of the coal being delivered to the stockpile or preparation plant;
  • Measurement of ash in thick coal beds such as raw coal or plant feed conveyors;
  • Preparation plant feedback control, installed after washery, to provide rapid feedback of washing process;
  • Train load out control;
  • Ideal for coal types with highly variable iron or calcium content.

COALSCAN Model 2800 Coal Ash and Moisture Analysers Advantages:

  • State-of-the-art technology
  • Low investment and maintenance costs
  • No radiation source
  • Configured to suit any belt size and load
  • Does not touch the coal or the conveyor belt
  • No sampling necessary during normal operation
  • Optional customised software output using SuperSCAN
  • Local technical support
  • Remote modem support

For your peace of mind we can offer you Free Testwork on your Samples to asses the suitability of the technology to each application. This removes any concern over buying a system where performance for your application would otherwise be uncertain.

We provide money back performance guarantees on our analysers.

To find out more about the COALSCAN 1500 Coal Analyser please call or use the IndustrySearch email form for a direct reply.

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